Manna Day

The Canon of Nature:  Lessons from the Beeyard

Thursday February 15th 2018  (10:30 am - 3:00 pm)

Cost: $25.00

Call to register  1.800.884.1525  or 519.824.7898



For centuries many people have recognized the importance of spending time in nature and learning the lessons that God's creatures can teach us.

 Rev. Linda Patton-Cowie will lead us in this Manna Day as we learn more about the fascinating world of the beehive, and will draw on the beauty of the St. John's Bible as we hear the messages God has for us in the natural world.  Also looked at on this day will be ways we can help to preserve the incredible world that has been entrusted to us as stewards.


Speaker:   Rev. Linda Patton-Cowie

Rev. Linda Patton-Cowie serves God among the folks of St. Mark's Presbyterian Church in Orillia.  Along with her ministry, Linda enjoys time in her beeyard, time at her off-the-grid cabin in Muskoka and sharing hours with her daughters and their families.


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