Retreat Houses

Kitchen facilities are complete with dishes, cooking utensils, stove, fridge and microwave, so guests can cook for themselves if they wish.  Guests MUST provide their own bedding / linens, towels and dish towels.


House of Prophet

House of Prophet

This rustic, squared-log two storey cabin features an original stone floor and wood-buring stove insert fireplace.  This house features a large greenbelt surrounding the building.  Pass the evenings in front of a campfire in the back yard.  Bunk and single beds can sleep 12.



  • Three bedrooms with bunk beds
  • Three baths (separate shower / toilet facilities)
  • Kitchen / dining area
  • Two large living areas
  • Fireplace


Floor Plan Main Level - Prophet

Floor Plan Upper Level - Prophet

Prophet Kitchen

Prophet Bedroom


House of Dove

House of Dove

A magnificent, two storey stone farmhouse.  It's spacious kitchen has two fridges and two stoves.  This is an ideal building for groups or family reunions.  The bedrooms are comprised of mostly bunk beds and can sleep up to 24 people comfortably.



  • Seven bedrooms
  • Three baths
  • Kitchen
  • Dining / meeting area
  • Living room
  • Wood-burning fireplace


Floor Plan Upper Level - Dove

Floor Plan Main Level - Dove

Dove Dining room / Meeting Room

Dove Kitchen

Dove Livingroom

Dove Bedroom

Dove Small Meeting area

Dove Staircase


House of Shepherd

House of Shepherd

Formerly the Teacherage for the local schoolhouse, this two storey stone house was converted to sleep 20 people with bunk beds.



  • Four bedrooms
  • Two baths
  • Kitchen / dining area
  • Large living room with piano
  • Propane fireplace.


Floor Plan Main Level - Shepherd

Floor Plan Lower Level

Shepherd Kitchen

Shepherd lower bedroom

Shepherd Upper bedroom

Shepherd meeting area


House of Ruth

House of Ruth

A comfortable two storey cedar sided frame house that sleeps up to 24 people with bunk beds.  The dining room - meeting area has a fireplace and the lower level has a meeting room - lounge.



  • Five bedrooms
  • Two baths
  • Kitchen
  • Dining - meeting area with a wood burning fireplace
  • Lounge


Floor Plan Main Level - Ruth

Floor Plan Lower Level - Ruth

Ruth Bedroom

Ruth Lower meeting area

Ruth Kitchen


Robert Yeats House 

Robert Yeats House

Set in the trees with wonderful natural light, this octagonal building creates a bright and comfortable atmosphere.  Sleeps up to 5 people.  Linens are provided.



  • Two bedrooms each with one double bed
  • One bath
  • Kitchen
  • Dining - meeting area with boardroom table.
  • Propane fireplace.
  • Large porch area
  • Linens are supplied

Floor Plan - Robert Yeats House

Robert Yeats meeting area

Robert Yeats bedroom

Robert Yeats kitchen



The Hermitage

A small stone milk house is now a cozy solitary retreat for one person.  Built originally as the farm milk house, this tiny building tucked behind House of Dove is the perfect retreat for one person.  Linens are supplied.



  • One single bed
  • One bathroom with shower
  • Kitchenette with microwave
  • Electric Heat


Floor Plan

Hermitage Bed sitting room

Hermitage Kitchenette