Volunteers are at the core of Crieff Hills and we have many  who come regularly to give of their time, energy and expertise.  Many times it is through their leading and encouragement that new projects are begun and sustained at Crieff Hills.  We welcome you and thank you.


There are many ways and opportunities in which to volunteer at Crieff Hills.  We understand that mid week is often a time which is open to many and that works well for us at Crieff Hills too.  If you or a group of friends would like to volunteer at Crieff, please contact us to set up a date and time.




The opportunities are varied and depending on the time of the year could be inside and/or outside.  Examples where our volunteer tasks are: gardening / painting / trail maintenance / cleaning / sewing (machine and hand) / Blue Bird Trail monitoring / light building (benches etc.) / mailings / wood spliting and piling /



Naturally Speaking - Articles written by our volunteer Marion Robertson


Photos From Recent Volunteer Days