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"And you Welcomed Me" Manna Day with Rob Shropshire

Thank you to Rob Shropshire, Coordinator of Refugee Sponsorship with Presbyterian World Service and Development, who spoke yesterday at Crieff Hills for our October Manna Day. We learned a lot, shared questions and powerful stories.


Do you know what country in the world host the most refugees?  It is Turkey, followed by Pakistan and Lebanon.  And where do most refugees come from? Syria, Afganistan and Somalia.


Rev. Johan Olivier shared about the loss his family felt leaving their home country and the challenges of starting a new life in Canada, as well as deep gratitude for the hospitality of their church family.


Many other stories were shared and if you have not already heard the story of the Syrian tailor in Guelph on the news, you can find it online at


It was wonderful to have a large group in the photo below from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Thorold join us for the day as well as folks from many other congregations. Several folks who attended have been involved in refugee sponsorships for almost 40 years.

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