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Celebrate Fall ....Fall Retreats and Fall Colours

Leaves remind us to just "Let Go".....

"Next time you are out for a walk, look for a leaf.
When you see one that is just for you,
take it in your hand.
Imagine it's journey -
first clinging to its home in the tree,
than a slow descent as the right time comes,
a resting on the ground.
Appreciate the leaf in your hand.
And let it be your teacher.
Let it invite you to unclutter,
surrender, let go, simplify.
What is the one thing leaf-like thing you can do today?
Is it something you will give away? A clutter to de-clutter?
Is it something you will relinquish - a thought, a mood, a bitterness?
What needs to be let go today?
Let the leaf be your guide."
- Janice MacLean, the Prayer Bench


If you are looking for a fall retreat there is still space in our Women's Retreat at Crieff Hills on Nov. 10-12 on "Living a Life of Prayer."
You are also welcome to join a wonderful one day retreat on Nov. 13 called "A Taste of Jubilee" or just come out to Crieff on your own some day and enjoy the fall colours on the trails.


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