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Gardening Volunteer Opportunities at Crieff Hills

A group of volunteers gathers at Crieff every second week, from April to October, to tend to the gardens and supplement the work of the maintenance team.  We would be delighted to have you join us, whether as a one-time thing or whatever your schedule will allow! 


We meet every other Wednesday at MacLean Hall between 8:45 and 9 am.   Please call the office to verify which Wednesday we are meeting and to let us adjust our work plan for another set of hands. Bring your own hat, gloves and tools (kneelers, spade, snips, weeder, bug spray and/or sunscreen).   The kitchen provides a coffee break and lunch before we head home.


Come and work and laugh with us!



Our objectives are: 

- to add to the diversity of plants on-site for the benefit of pollinators, and birds;
- to replant areas where invasive species have been removed, with an emphasis on native plants;
- and to generally enhance the guest experience with beautiful areas for meditation and enjoyment.


Recent Projects include:

The Pollinator Garden by MacLean Hall (Fall 2017, with the support of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation )
The Native Shrub area between MacLean Hall and the Conference Center filling in where invasive European Buckthorn has been removed.  (Summer and Fall 2018, thanks also to TD FEF grant )
The Vegetable Garden including our Three Sisters planting of Corn, Beans and Squash in respect of and reconciliation toward our indigenous sisters and brothers
The ongoing multiyear renovation project in the hollow south of the House of the Dove, where the Dove sisters once had an English garden.  (2017-2022?)
And keep your eyes peeled for some further changes around the Conference Center once the eavestroughs and rainbarrels are in place (Fall 2018 with the support of TD FEF grant).

These projects are especially fun as we build for Crieff’s future, while maintaining the existing beds around each of the buildings and special areas such as the “Lily” Garden.




Crieff's Volunteer Gardeners...


 We are a motley group of retired folks who enjoy being outdoors and giving God’s plants a helping hand.  We are not the hot house plant, lace handkerchief and fine china kind of gardeners.  We are the dusty muddy types who laugh a lot and respect the rightful place of a good chainsaw in a garden tool kit.  We call ourselves a “Gang” because we each have a favourite tool and gardening position (… and secretly, we’ve always wanted to be part of a gang!).  We have a secret handshake.  Our experience is diverse.  We have real agricultural types, plant identification gurus, tree people, flower folks, willing unskilled workers and medicinal plant trivia enthusiasts.  Between the bunch of us and with the help of books and the internet, we have fun playing in Crieff’s botanical and biological world.




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