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The Journey to the Cross

Spring is here!
Soon we will see a tree swallow perched atop this cross in the amphitheatre near the House of Dove.


As we journey through this Holy Week, this reflection by Tess Ward (author of The Celtic Wheel of the Year) invites an inner pilgrimage….



Lure of all belonging
draw us on our inner pilgrimage.
As the soil on land is ploughed and sowed,
prepare the ground of my being to do the soul-work.
Prepare my feet to walk the untrodden paths.
Prepare my hands to receive the unexpected.
Prepare my face to withstand whatever the weather.
Prepare my shoulders to offer strength to my fellow traveller.
Prepare my desire to sift my dreams.
Prepare my resolve to shift the shapes that I put in the way.
Prepare my discernment to see what is no longer needed.
Prepare my back to relax as you carry my load.
Walk beside me and lure me deeper into you, as I set out from here.

Tess Ward, The Celtic Wheel of the Year (O Books)

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