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All God's Children have a Place in the Choir

Everyone is welcome to join us from 10:30am to 3pm on Thursday February 23rd for our MANNA DAY, “All God’s Children have a Place in the Choir,” with Chris Fischer and Dr. Fred Graham.  
Please call ahead to register at 519-824-7898.


Cost for the day is $22 and includes a hot lunch.


The God of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures commands God's people to sing.  In the morning session, Chris Fischer will build a case for taking back the People's Song, as a means of enabling the transformation and renewal that the church so desperately needs.
The afternoon workshop with Fred Graham will focus on "Song that Transforms: Music Ministry that Deepens Faith."
This day is for anyone who enjoys music and wants to explore the place of music in worship and building community in the church.




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