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As the deer ...

In the coolness of the morning, I saw a beautiful scene play out. 


Looking out from The Pines, three deer were crossing the green oat field toward the bush.  I'm sure that two were teenagers with mom walking behind.  The young deer were friskey, first one leapt which caught the attention of the other.  Then there was a nudge which lead to the two chasing each other in circles before scampering off into the bush.  Mom just watched and continued to wander slowly. 


Thinking what a fun scene I had witnessed, I was surprised when 20 minutes later mom was back in the field, alone, and just a short distance from the garden at The Pines.  Such a picture.  She would wander, stop and with twitching ears, listen.  Then stretching her neck and with her nose pointed straight up, she would try to catch a scent of her dear, deer teens.  She eventually retraced her steps and I'm sure soon caught up to her loved offspring.   What special moments to be part of ... and all before 6:30 am!

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January 1, 2019
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June 23, 2016
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