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Building Bridges: Music Ministry in an Emerging Church

Music Ministry Conference 2017 on Friday, June 2 at Crieff Hills - "Building Bridges:  Music Ministry in an Emerging Church."


One-Day Interdenominational Conference for Worship and Music Leaders: Pastors, Directors, Organists, Choirs and Praise Teams.


This is the third annual interdenominational Music Ministry conference at Crieff Hills

and is a wonderful opportunity for musicians and clergy to learn, share and sing together!


Now, more than ever, we in the church are called to build bridges in this world.

Music as a ministry can contribute much to this bridge-building, as music is a relational art.

In singing songs of "the other," we learn that we are all truly one Body, and through sharing

in the gift of song we are empowered to transform our relationships, in the church and in the world.


Keynote Speakers:  Debbie Lou Ludolph, pictured below directing WLS global song community choir Inshallah, and Chellan Hoffman (RCCO 2017 Travelling Clinician from Knox United Church, Calgary).  Facilitator:  Chris Fischer, pastoral musician at Knox Presbyterian Church, Guelph. 


To Register:  Please call the Crieff Hills Office at 519 824-7898

Please register before May 19th and let us know of any food allergies.


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