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Delighting in God's Garden - Lights In The Darkness

Lights In The Darkness -  I had the recent privilege of attending a 2-day workshop here at Crieff, Delighting in God’s Garden, offered by the Justice Ministries of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  During the Friday evening portion of the program, Awe and Wonder were on the agenda.


Reflections from my journal:

   After the sun disappears from sight we head out into the night to the slight rise behind Maclean  Hall - with telescopes and binoculars.


   I look up with awe and the moon comes alive with stunning detail.  I see the planets for the first time:  the rings around Saturn, the faint rusty hue of Mars and four pinpoint moons seemingly frozen in orbit around Jupiter.


   I look out with wonder at the whimsical fireflies winking on and off in the bushes and among the raised beds of the garden.  A city-dweller, I have seen these magical creatures only once since I was a child.


   I look around me with gratitude at the illuminated faces of my learning companions: local activists and dedicated lovers of Creation who have chosen to spend their weekend in service of this passion.


   Simone Weil once wrote that attention is prayer. As I focus my gaze on these lights in the darkness, heart full of awe, and wonder and thanks, I can only whisper, “Amen.”

                                                                                                                --Guest contributor

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