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Knox Burlington Quilters

Crieff Hills is blessed by many people who share of their time and talent in support of our ministry.  These special folks are our volunteers.  Men and women from Knox PC Burlington for many years have come and volunteered at Crieff Hills.  They are to the staff team supporters, helpers and above all, friends.  We are so grateful for their years of service to Crieff Hills.


I was sent the following poem that was written about the Quilters of Knox Burlington.  From Crieff Hills to the Quilters of Knox Burlington, thank you for ALL the quilts you have lovingly made and which now grace many of the beds at Crieff Hills


Knox Quilters


With cut fabric

 An idea flows

Needles are ready

They begin to sew


Creating a pattern

A wishful thought

Years of experience

The ladies’ were taught


It all comes together

As they work as a team

A common goal,

A creative dream


A comfort is made

From many hands it is built

Surrounded by love

In the form of a QUILT


There is no stress

There is no grief

Just proud of the warmth

They donate to Crieff.    Written by Kathy Kelly


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January 1, 2019
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