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Volunteer Gardening Morning

Today was the first morning of Volunteers gathering to garden at Crieff Hills.  Thank you to all who headed out from home first thing this morning, even with the cool temperatures.


Laurence Christie knew where the priorities were for today and so two teams went to work.  One team to the Lily Garden and one team to the garden at the Conference hall.  In three hours, it was amazing what was accomplished.  The gardens look cared for and their beauty is there for Crieff Hills guests to enjoy.


There are two more Volunteer gardening mornings planned.  Wednesday June 22nd and Wednesday July 6th - 9:00am to 12:00.  Those able to stay a little longer, are invited to share a light lunch with us.


Volunteer gardeners are eagerly welcomed to Crieff and no experience is necessary.  To help with our planning, if you would like to be part of these mornings please call the Crieff office (1.800.884.1525). 



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