Maclean Hall

McLean Hall exterior

Not long after the Thompson family moved to Crieff, they deeded a small section of their land for the purpose of a school. The first log building was small and poorly heated and was later replaced by a cottage-style frame school. In 1874 the current schoolhouse was constructed by stone mason Mr. Ritchie and his three sons, along with Mr. Black, the carpenter. Soon there was a well, a baseball diamond, a play area for younger children, and a fence to keep the cattle out.

After Col. Maclean bought the land surrounding it he took a great interest in the school, bringing magazines for students to read, holding an essay contest in 1929 and even arranging for a field trip to Toronto in 1947. In 1960 the school board installed modern plumbing, heat and electrical appliances. In 1964, the schoolhouse known as Puslinch S.S. Number 6 was closed and along with the surrounding one acre of land, it was purchased by the Maclean Estate Committee in 1965 at the price of $2,500.00.

From 1965 to 1975, the schoolhouse became a gathering place for local events and parties, until it became the Crieff Hills dining room that is in use today. Several additions have been added to include room for a large kitchen, staff room, washrooms and office space.

Along the road of the Crieff Hills property you may notice the stone fence installed by Col. Maclean. At one time this continued right up to the schoolhouse but was later removed when the township lowered the roadbed. Today if you look down, you can still see the imbedded curved stone, imported from Scotland, which marked the entrance to the school.