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Archive for February 2019

Conference Halls

To meet the growing demand for programs and for use of the facilities, a fund raising campaign began in 1985 for more accommodation space (St. Luke’s Lodge) and in 1991, more meeting space (Conference Hall).  The upper floor is accessible near the main parking lot. It includes a large open meeting room with tables and chairs for up…

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The Luke building (named for the third gospel account) was not constructed until 1990, but is similarly built into the side of the hill. Twelve bedrooms with private bathrooms look out onto a large green space, and the lounge has a high ceiling and wood-burning fireplace.    

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An Anchorite

The signature line on my emails has long been a quote from Julian of Norwich: All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. Julian, as her grammar might suggest, was a medieval nun and mystic. In fact she was an anchorite who was actually walled into a small room on the…

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Prayer Shelter

The Prayer Shelter was built in 1985 through the work of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Simcoe. Anchored by four pillars made of stones collected from the fields at Crieff Hills, its walls are made from local trees and the roof is covered in cedar shingles. It has a stained glass window of praying hands…

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A bird in the hand is worth…

Originally posted on January 26, 2019 by bloomingreverend On a sunny September weekend I held a tiny bird in my hand. Months later I’m still thinking about it. In my new role as the Director at Crieff Hills Retreat Center I get to do all kind of fun new things, but my first ever bird…

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