Conference Halls

Conference Hall exterior

To meet the growing demand for programs and for use of the facilities, a fund raising campaign began in 1985 for more accommodation space (St. Luke’s Lodge) and in 1991, more meeting space (Conference Hall). 

The upper floor is accessible near the main parking lot. It includes a large open meeting room with tables and chairs for up to 80 people. Large windows and two skylights provide ample natural light. The room is also equipped with a sound system, drop down screen and a collection of hymn books (Presbyterian Books of Praise 1997). A cross is displayed on one wall and there is an apartment-sized piano in the corner. Also on the main floor is a single wheelchair accessible bathroom, kitchenette, and open foyer. A large table and chairs are in a library alcove that can be used as a breakout room.     

The lower floor can be reached by an indoor set of stairs or an exterior door that opens out onto green space. With windows offering ample natural light and a lovely view, the lower conference hall offers a kitchenette and space for up to 60 people. Tables and chairs, an apartment sized piano and and a drop-down screen are available. Men’s and women’s washrooms are located down the hall.