This spring, there are snowdrops blooming in front of some of the buildings at Crieff.

These tiny flowers are the first to bloom; displaying their delicate, paper-white petals even before the purple crocuses do. Last year I transplanted a couple-dozen clumps of these hardy bulbs from my back garden (snowdrops that my father planted many years ago) to the gardens at Crieff, and now we get to enjoy their pretty display.

This year, amidst the confusion and uncertainty of the last few weeks, these tiny white petals have given me such hope and comfort. I have been at home alone, and when I step out into the backyard, the cascade of white flowers over three steps of a rockery became visible even while snow was still on the ground. I love their pure-white, wintery colour, but there's an almost hidden detail I love even more. If you look closely at the centre of the petals, you can see the shape of a tiny green heart. (Look very closely at the photo to see part of an upside-down green heart in the gap between the large white petals of the middle flower.)

A green heart. Despite the cold, white, snowy winter, these flowers hint of the green season that is to come. A season full of life and growth and renewal - not only for nature but in the heart of each one of us.

Yesterday I taught a young friend how to carefully dig up the bulbs and gave her some to plant at her own house. She helped me transplant more of the bulbs to my bare front garden, right by the sidewalk. Perhaps these tiny flowers might bring a drop of joy to someone’s day as they pass by, and be a subtle reminder that life anew is on its way.

green heart snowdrop

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  1. Anne Stevens on March 21, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Fiona.

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