Program Partnerships

     Crieff Hills is pleased to partner with Ontario Jubilee.  Under the direction of Miram Frey and the Ontario Jubilee teaching staff, we look forward to welcoming participants and sharing in this adventure. 

What is Ontario Jubilee?   The work of Jubilee across Canada is to contribute to the spiritual renewal of our world, specifically offering practical learning in spiritual growth, soul development and the art of spiritual direction.  Ontario Jubilee offers several opportunities for such practical learning:

  • Taste of Jubilee: day-long or weekend workshops and retreats that invite self-awareness and spiritual growth.
  • Certificate Program: a 2-year program divided into two year-long units:
  •       Phase I: develops skills of listening, discernment and spiritual practice. (June to June)
  •       Phase II – a practicum in spiritual direction. (Oct/Nov to Oct/Nov)
  • Continuing Education: day-long or weekend workshops and retreats that provide additional skill development in spiritual direction.

 All Ontario Jubilee events are contemplative, evocative, spacious, embodied, integrative, experiential and transformative. These qualities are the means by which we learn, deepen and practice our spirituality, and they are the ends to which we aspire. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to encourage connection and the formation of spiritual community.

Ontario Jubilee honours all sacred traditions and seeks to empower the human spirit to live into its ability to become all that it was created to be.

In the words of a former staff member, Catherine Maine: “The Jubilee program breathed new life into my being. It offered me deep connections… wonderful grounding and a lovely sense of soaring. It helped me name and understand the Holy and my spiritual life in a completely different way.”

For more information please visit the Ontario Jubilee website:

Music Ministry Partnership

Music Ministry in Today's Church

The annual Music Ministry Conference at Crieff Hills began in 2015 through a partnership with Christopher Fischer, Pastoral Musician at Knox Presbyterian Church, Guelph.  Music ministry is a fundamental component  of every stage of a church’s faith journey: from teaching and learning, to mission, outreach and pastoral care.  A strong and vital music ministry for congregations, as well as within their larger communities, is critical for all congregational leadership and is also very challenging.  Music ministry is not just the performance of sacred music by trained specialists: it is the song of God’s people, together in worship that is multigenerational, participatory and integrated fully with the Word preached.

Local Community Partnership

B Sweet Honey & Nature Co.

Volunteers are at the core of Crieff Hills and we have many who come regularly to give of their energy, time and expertize.  Many times it is through their leading and encouraging that new projects are begun and sustained.   A special family that Crieff is blessed to share ministry with is the Robertson family of Puslinch.   Marion and Rick, along with their children David and Sara work hard at Crieff giving tirelessly of their energy and knowledge.  Marion and Rick are experts in all they do but each take the lead in certain areas.  Marion has been the leader in establishing the Blue Bird Trail at Crieff leading spring Blue Bird walks.  Along with operating their Native Tree Nursery, Marion spearheads the plantings for polliator plants and Native Carolinian trees on the Crieff property.  Rick takes the lead in the hives at Crieff caring for as well as extracting and bottling honey for use and to sell at Crieff.  

If you would like any information on bees, bee keeping, birds, pollinator plants, or native Carolinian trees, be sure to be in touch with the Robertson’s – B Sweet Honey Nature Co.

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