The Pines Common Room


The Pines Common Room

Whatever your plans, please check in at the main office in Maclean Hall when you arrive. Pick up a map and be advised about property availability. Please note that this facility is increasingly popular. If the room is full when you arrive, contact our staff. If possible we will help you find alternate space.   

The common room at the Pines is open every day 8am to 5pm. Here you will find a wheelchair accessible bathroom, kitchen with microwave, stove, refrigerator and kettle, and a lounge with comfortable seating. Frozen meals, coffee and cold drinks are available for purchase.

Day guest: We ask all guests to make a minimum donation of $7 in order to help us meet our costs for housekeeping and utilities. Please leave your contribution at the office or in the secure drop box at the Pines common room.

Annual pass: For $98 per person (plus $25 deposit for the electronic key fob) you may purchase a one-year pass for evening and weekend access to the common room. This is available at any time of the year and can be purchased at the office in Maclean Hall.