Weekly Takeout and Produce orders

DSC_7823 Family Eating 2500 px June 14 2020

Sunday Dinner Takeout 

Every Sunday our chef creates a fresh menu to take home or enjoy here at Crieff Hills. Your meal will be ready for a clean and easy pickup starting at 4:45pm.

Looking for a lovely evening out? Park the car and enjoy your dinner on our 'green patio.' Take your meal to a fully equipped picnic table, and stay to explore our tranquil grounds after supper. Please see below for details.


Size: Each meal serves 4-6 people

Pick up location: Maclean Hall (the schoolhouse) at our main driveway

Vegetarian: add an extra vegetarian dish for $5

Gluten friendly: add an extra gluten-free dish for $5 

**Please note that we cannot separate meals into smaller portions**


On-site picnic add $20 per order: Pick up your meal in the driveway, then park the car and head over to our picnic tables equipped with dishes, cutlery, napkins, citrus water and glasses. (Rain shelter provided if necessary). After supper go for a stroll, toss a football, or walk the dog (leash required at all times) until 9 pm. A clean and sanitized public restroom will be available. If you are feeling unwell, please do not visit us at this time.

How to order: Send an email to [email protected] before Friday at noon. We will respond with confirmation and an exact pickup time.

Payment: The safest method is by sending an e-transfer to [email protected] (mark it 'Takeout') If this is not possible for you, please indicate this in your email and we can arrange credit card payment.

Email is the best way to reach us. Although staff have returned to work we do not yet have regular office hours in effect. 

Also available (no takeout order required)   

Picnic: $20 (per order)

Butter Tarts (6): $10

Lemon Squares (6): $ 5

  Wild Blueberry pie: $20

1 dozen farm fresh eggs: $5

Crieff Hills honey: small $10/large $18

Garden Produce Box: $25 (this week includes onions, carrots, tomatillos, ground cherries, herb bundle, zucchini, tomato, green and purple beans and a bouquet of calendula flowers.)

Dinner Menu for Sunday August 2nd: $60


This week features our pesto made with herbs from our garden:

Tomato Bocacini salad, balsamic reduction

Veal parmesan, breaded cutlet, tomato sauce, provolone and parmesan cheese

Garden pasta salad, basil pesto


Espresso dipped lady fingers, whipped cream, mascarpone

Vegetarian: Roasted vegatable couscous add $5

Chocolate brownies (G.F.) $5