Weekly Food Box (CSA)

Fresh, healthy food straight from our gardens!


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  is a traditional method of buying vegetables directly from your local farmer. Each week, a selection of produce is harvested fresh for you to pick up and take home. What you receive in your box follows the growing season in Ontario: fresh greens, onions and asparagus in the spring and heat-loving vegetables like tomatoes, beets and squash in summer. Typically, customers pay for their shares up front, so that the grower can invest in seeds and equipment as the season begins.

2022 will be the first ever CSA food box program here at Crieff Hills. The CSA season will last 16 weeks (late May to September) and each week your box will have a generous selection of 5-7 items including fresh eggs, a selection of vegetables, herbs, flowers and sometimes even specialty prepared items from our chef! We have a new farmer on staff, Meredith Sweeney, who brings a wealth of growing experience to our gardens. Although our produce is not certified organic, we do not use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers and everything is grown with reverence for our planet.

The cost for the season is $500 plus a $20 deposit for the bin itself (returnable at the end of the summer). Payment in full by May 1st is preferable, but we are happy to accommodate once a month payments if needed. Those who pay in full will receive a jar of Crieff Hills Honey in their first box. Weekly pickup will take place at the Crieff Hills main entrance Saturday morning 9am to noon.

How to order: Email [email protected] or call 519-824-7898 and Stephanie can sign you up and take payment. Spots are very limited, so register early!

Our 2022 harvest will include: 

Heirloom tomatoes * Spring onion * Green beans * Cucumber * Rhubarb * Leaf lettuce * Asparagus * Turnip * Kale * Beets * Wild leeks (ramps) * Swiss chard * Radish * Carrot * Zucchini * Tomatillo * Squash * Ground cherry * Herbs (chives, parsley, cilantro, basil, mint, dill)