Manna Days

Three times a year (February, May and October) we host top-notch speakers who address current issues in the church and in the world. These day-long events are from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm and cost only $30 per person, including a hearty hot lunch in Maclean Hall. Pre-registration is required. Please register online or call 1-800-884-1525 at least one week before the event. Fees can be paid by credit card, etransfer or at the door. 


February 27, 2020

Interchurch Families: Uniting the Church  through Love

Amanda Currie (002) (002)

Rooted in a reflection on Paul's first letter to the Church at Corinth, the Rev. Amanda Currie will share her perspective about the scandal of the divided Body of Christ and the promise of unity in Christ through love.

Rev. Amanda Currie is a Presbyterian minister and married to Nicholas Jesson, a Roman Catholic ecumenist, which means that she brings a unique thoughtfulness to the subject. For the last 19 years, they have lived as an interchurch couple, sharing life, faith, and ministry together in two churches. They currently live in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Amanda is also currently serving as the Moderator of the 145th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. She is a pastor with a passion for preaching, teaching and pastoral care. She loves to sing and to share in ministries of music that include diverse styles that help us to sing our prayers and proclaim the good news with joy.

October 22, 2020

What Can Jazz teach the Church?

portrait of brian frazer for continuing studies promo re philosopher's cafe

As we seek the illumination of the Holy Spirit for new ways to be ambassadors for the Creator's forgiving and reconciling love in Jesus Christ, many practitioners of mission urge us to listen to our neighbours. At Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Burnaby, BC, the neighbours with whom they have chosen to connect with are jazz musicians. In their conversations with those neighbours, in Canada's most rapidly secularizing urban region, they are learning a lot about what jazz can teach the church about love stories, community, hospitality, conversations, disruption, and healing.

This Manna Day will invite you into those conversations, drawing on your insights and questions to deepen our learning. You will go back to your churches and communities with a richer sense of how to be resilient ambassadors for the Christian gospel.

Rev. Brian Fraser has been minister with Brentwood for ten years. That congregation does a weekly Jazz Evensong service, hosts many jazz concerts in their sanctuary, and works with many community organizations to do benefits. He has become know in the Vancouver region as "the jazz minister." He served as dean of St Andrew's Hall and professor of history at Vancouver School of Theology at the University of British Columbia. He continues to do church and nonprofit consulting and coaching through Jazzthink Consulting where he uses the wit, workings, and wisdom of jazz to generate flourishing organizations.

Cancelled: June 4, 2020 

Grace Abounding: Stories of a Generous God

pat d-w

Far from the popular notion that the God of the Old Testament is harsh and judgmental, stories of God’s generosity toward people are woven throughout the Hebrew Bible. Especially in response to human need, God acts in grace to heal, rebuild, feed, and bring hope to the vulnerable, the weary, the ill and the exiles. Our time together will listen to some of these stories of grace abounding from the Hebrew Bible, as a way to encourage our hearts and strengthen our faith. Building on insights and skills for reading ancient stories, we will focus on a selection of tales where God’s sometimes surprising love extends care to a host of characters who might remind us of ourselves, starting with the story from which the “Manna Days” title comes, the story of manna in the wilderness.

Rev. Dr. Pat Dutcher-Walls is Professor of Hebrew Scripture at Vancouver School of Theology. Her publications bridge scholarship for Biblical study both in the academy and the church, including four books and a number of articles in scholarly and religious journals. A life-long Presbyterian, she was ordained by the United Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1978 and now is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

With a love of teaching, she has led numerous adult education courses, retreats, continuing education courses, and lay education courses Recent lectures include topics such as “Prophets, Psalmists and Sages: Poetic Analysis Skills for Preaching” and “A Biblical Approach to Full Inclusion.” She has been active in the church through preaching, social justice ministries, part-time congregational leadership, and campus chaplaincy. She is married to a Lutheran minister and has two adult children, and enjoys reading science fiction and gardening.