Sunday Takeout Meals

That's right! Sunday Takeout Meals are back for spring and summer! Make sure to check back here weekly for a new menu. Pickup times start at 4:45 PM at Maclean Hall. 


Pick up location: Maclean Hall (the schoolhouse) at our main driveway

How to order: Send an email to [email protected] before Friday at noon. We will respond with confirmation and an exact pickup time.

Payment: The safest method is by sending an e-transfer. If this is not possible for you, please indicate this in your email and we can arrange credit card payment.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send your e-transfer UNTIL you receive your confirmation email. Do not send an e-transfer as your order, you MUST send an email with your order. Thank you.

Contact: Email is the best way to reach us. The office remains closed during the stay-at-home order.

Shop: Looking for honey, seeds and other Crieff Hills products? Have a look at our new store by clicking on the Shop tab above. Pickup times can be coordinated with meals.


Pick-up your Sunday takeout meal and enjoy it on our grassy patio at a table that’s ready with a linen tablecloth, dishes, cutlery, glasses and fresh water. When you are finished your meal, you are welcome to take a stroll around the property, walk the labyrinth, visit the chickens or toss a frisbee. Dogs on a leash are welcome.



July 11

Dinner Menu $80 (serves 4) 


Panzanella salad with toasted focaccia, garden basil, fresh tomatoes, Crieff Hills garden greens, bocconcini cheese, white wine dressing

Stuffed chicken breast with smoked ham, aged cheddar and garden thyme, served with a tomato relish

Roasted cabbage and broccoli with brown butter and lemon

Crispy potato rostii with onion and rosemary

Raspberry and cream cake with local berries and vanilla pastry cream


Vegetarian add on: Tomato Risotto - arborio rice, garden basil, arugula pesto, grilled zucchini, feta cheese $10

Gluten Friendly add on: Berry bars - blueberries and Marcy's Berries haskaps $5


Add ons:

Picnic $25 per meal

Lemon Squares $10/4

Date Squares $10/4 (limited)

Carrot Cake $10

Eclairs $10/4

Strawberry and Rhubard Cobbler $10/4 pieces (limited)

Beef Stock 1L/$6

Turkey Stock 1L/$5

Quail eggs $4/dozen

Farm Fresh Eggs $5/dozen (limited)

Produce Box $25 includes: Hakurei turnips, carrots, large herb bundle, chard and kale mix, spring onions, 1 dozen eggs, and a mixed flower bouquet